Keeping business owners up at night

Financial human errors, book keeper paranoia, industry & regulatory changes, all keep business owners walking the devilish risk rope. If your looking for some slack on that rope - you need Risk Angel.

The solution - risk notifications

Using Machine Learning technology, Risk Angel provides you with data-driven risk notifications, by analysing patterns in your business data, and lets you know before you know - presto!

Finding the devil in your detail

Sign up & securely sync your cloud accounting data

Receive notifications

Daily after your angels sync with your data, you’ll receive risk notifications. View on your desktop, tablet or your mobile. Each notification provides details on the risk, and tips on how to resolve. When the business looks like it is hitting new highs we will let you know too.

Assign & comment

Add team members and simply assign an angel to one of them to review. Add a quick comment if you like. Once resolved that angel will go and hang out with the other resolved angels ready for you to file away.

Sleep easier & $ave

At the end of the day you'll realise:

1. Your risks are reduced
2. Your home early from the time saved
3. You caught that unforeseen problem
4. You saved some money
Sleep easier knowing that tomorrow you'll be a step ahead.

Angel notification framework

Analysing your data patterns teaches our angels to get smarter and smarter
Linking your business to big data, regulatory changes and industry insights

Explore some of our angel types

Cashflow, duplicates and data entry errors

Business and financial risk

Business health ranking

Fraud risk

Patterns and anomalies

Industry and expert insights

Supplier insights and risks

Regulation changes within your industry

Milestones, achievements, and some positivity

... and more, getting smarter by the day

Not just about the negative numbers

We have positive angels too

Onwards & upwards

When your business numbers start looking like they may break out to the positive, an angel will happily let you know. Imagine a notification letting you know when your business hits a milestone ahead of its peers? Well keep an eye for these angels too.

Cost dumps & cash jumps

Angels love to notifify you when someone pays you earlier than expected, when ghastly costs are down, or cashflow is ahead of the curve. It’s great to know when you hit those targets no matter how big or how small your business is.

Positively & confidently

Industry confidence is a key focus of ours too. Our positive angels want to see confident business, and a confident business is always a positive step ahead in it’s industry. So be on the look out for industry angels, a valuable insight might get you the step ahead edge.

Riskarmony -

the sound of business owners, book keepers & risk angels working together

Invite your team and assign each angel with a click

Team chat on individual angels always in the one place

Once resolved, angels automatically appear ready for filing

Work as a team, or go it solo

Business owners sleeping easier

  • More sleep & less worry about your human book keeper
  • Find small issues, before they become big problems
  • Intelligent simple notifications without having to ask
  • Assign to your team in a click
  • Track comments on an issue in one place
  • When an issue is resolved you’ll be notified asap
  • Time savings are money savings

Angelic book keepers & accountants

  • Sync with your clients data and go it solo
  • Add value with Risk Angel information
  • Less frustrated questions from your clients
  • Enjoy more time for play or more clients
  • Rapidly fix issues before you send that report out
  • Access to new business owners
  • Be found because your Risk Angel certified

Start saving time and start recovering
that lost cash before it’s too late. You’ll see…

Total estimated
Angel detected savings
Total estimated Angel detected savings
All angels that are linked to your accounts errors, and have a $ value will be added up and displayed on your savings dashboard.
Total estimated
time saved
34h 30mins
Total estimated time saved
All angels have a small estimate of time allocated to them that represents what it might take to look, find and address the issue.
Enter your average
hourly rate
Time is money - your average hourly rate
Work out the average hourly rate of the business owner, and the members of the team that should be finding Risk Angel type issues.
Risk Angel has saved you an estimated $5,744

Risk free subscription

If we don’t detect more than the cost of your yearly subscription
we’ll provide your money back. Start your free trial now.
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